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Dual Language Education Professional Development

Professional Development

In-service training are key components for the successful implementation of DLE programs because they both prepare new teachers and deepen the competencies of experienced teachers.  Professional Development/Professional Learning opportunities are offered as one or multiple full-day (6-hour PD) or half-day (3-hour PD) sessions and are appropriate for district and school staff committed to Dual Language Education (DLE) programs.  PD is customized as your needs and related issues develop.  Examples of customized PD include embedded coaching, co-facilitating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), and co-analysis of observed teaching in school visits. Topics are varied and include a deeper learning of DLE program essentials. These sessions are available for staff involved in the process of planning a new DLE program and include a deeper learning of program elements necessary for the launching and early stages of implementation of a DLE program.    Additionally, these sessions can serve as a refresher or more in depth look for districts/schools in all stages of program implementation as well as "on boarding" for newly hired staff joining existing DLE programs.  All sessions will provide opportunities for discussion and reflection as well as feedback in the process of planning and decision-making. 

The topics and content of professional development/professional learning are based on the Guiding Principles of Dual Language Education, Third Edition, 2018, specifically from the following Strands:

  • Strand 1 Program Structure 
  • Strand 2 Curriculum
  • Strand 3 Instruction
  • Strand 4 Assessment and Accountability
  • Strand 6 Family and Community

Topics and content specific to districts and schools implementing and sustaining DLE programs include, but are not limited to:

Contact MABE for further information or to request a specific service.


MABE-Northeast, PO Box 281 

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