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Effective Leadership Of A Dual Language Education program as a strand in a school: Lessons from the Field

Effective Leadership of a DLE Program as a Strand in a School: Lessons from the Field

Principals, coaches and other leaders of schools with dual language education program strands will get concrete examples of how to effectively implement varied aspects of whole school planning for an inclusive and equitable school, while establishing fidelity to dual language principles in the strand.  Participants will have the opportunity to plan their next steps during the sessions related to each session topic. 

    • Session 1: Establishing  and Building Whole School Culture while maintaining fidelity to dual language
    • Session 2: Instructional Leadership Teams and School Council - School Governance in a two strand setting
    • Session 3: Data based Instructional Planning - planning and utilizing grade level and program specific structures and processes

Audience: Principals and Assistant Principals, coaches in schools with a strand with a Dual Language Education program

National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS) Standard 5 Professionalism, Advocacy and Agency

Contact MABE for further information or to request this professional development/professional learning opportunity.

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