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Partner Teaching in Dual Language Education

The focus of Partner Teaching is on having the partner teachers plan for the routines and procedures in the classroom.  Anchor routines include entering the classroom, exiting the classroom, giving the teacher their attention, listening, transitions, and managing materials and supplies. Partner Teachers should plan the common classroom expectations, routines and procedures before the beginning of the school year. Working with a partner teacher requires a highly collaborative relationship. It is important that students have the same classroom expectations, routines and procedures in both their classrooms not because students can’t learn two sets of classroom expectations, routines and procedures, but because learning the classroom expectations, routines and procedures takes up valuable mental real estate and cognitive energy. Having the same classroom expectations, routines and procedures also helps to establish parity in the partner relationship. New partnerships will often choose to use most of the already established routines and change them, as the partners are able to experience them and suggest improvements or changes.  

Audience: Designed for the two teachers working together in a 50:50 DLE program model, e.g., the Spanish side teacher and the English side teacher for a grade level.  Para-professionals that work closely with the partner teachers are welcome to participate.

National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS) Standard 3 Dual Language Instructional Practices and Pedagogy

MA Bilingual Education Endorsement SMK 4 Implementation of strategies for coordinating non-English partner language instruction and English language development for English learners

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