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Dual Language Education Program Assessment

The Dual Language Education Program Assessment is a service provided to districts or schools who are interested in assessing and improving the educational programming of their current programs that serve English language and Dual Language learners. It is designed to help districts or schools take an in-depth look at their language program structure, curriculum, instructional practices, socio-cultural competencies, staffing and equity as well as student results, to support program effectiveness and long–term student academic and linguistic success. The DLE Program Assessment is guided by current research and best practices in the field of Dual Language and ESL education.   MABE consultants with experience in Dual language and ESL research, pedagogy, and program evaluation conduct the program assessment.

The Program Assessment is a joint project between MABE and representatives from a district or school. It includes a comprehensive proposal that articulates and reflects the specific goals, guiding questions, and desired outcomes of the district or school and may include one, or more, of the following components:

  • Program Assessment Purpose
  • Timeline
  • Design and Process  
    • Document and Data Collection Review
    • Interviews
    • Classroom Visits
    • Focus Groups (Teachers, Parents, Student)
  • Data Review and Analysis

The final outcome includes a written summary and verbal presentation of key findings and recommendations.

MABE is able to provide Program Assessments for a range of districts or individual schools including those with the following types of language programming: Dual Language Education - Two-Way Immersion and One-Way ImmersionDual Language Special EducationNewcomers, and SLIFE.

Program Assessments are provided for district or schools whose students are at the following academic or developmental levels: Early Childhood, (Pre K and Kindergarten)Elementary, (Kindergarten – Grade 5)Elementary – Middle School, (Kindergarten – Grade 8Middle School, (Grades 5, or 6 – Grade 8)High School, (Grade 9 – Grade 12)District (Strand within a school, or combination of grade levels or Whole District).

MABE has successfully completed a wide variety of Program Needs Assessments for language programs, at the district and school level, in the New England area.   

Contact MABE for further information or to request this service.


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