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Descriptions of Dual Language Education Networks (DLE) SY 2022-2023

Each network series will provide new content and research and an opportunity for participants to meet in small groups, to apply the content to their work, and to learn from and help each other. The virtual sessions are 7 Sessions, 90 minutes/session, varied times. 

While this year's Dual Language Education Networks will be held virtually, MABE hosted an In-Person Network Social for Network registrants! This social was be a kick-off event for the 22-23 Networks and a much awaited opportunity to make personal connections with other educators.  

Registration is $275 for members and $320 for non-members. Payment or Purchase Order Number must be received prior to network. No late entries. Read our policies for more information: Registration PolicyPayment Policy, and Cancellation & Refund Policy

Dual Language Leaders

Critical Issues for Principals and District Leaders of DLE programs

This professional learning and networking opportunity is designed to specifically meet the needs of school leaders (principal, assistant principals, and district leaders) in schools/districts with Dual Language Education programs. Based on feedback from last year's participants, the sessions have been reduced to 7 and will run monthly from September through March. The time has been adjusted to 9-10:30am. The sessions will continue to be virtual, leaving open the possibility for an in-person event later in the year. A theme for the year will be selected at the first meeting and there will be increased time for small group collaboration on the chosen topics. These seven 90-minute sessions will continue to be facilitated by Dr. Susan McGilvray-Rivet on Thursdays from 9-10:30am: September 29, 2022, October 27, 2022, November 17, 2022, December 22, 2022, January 26, 2023, February 16, 2023, and March 30, 2023.

Dual Language Elementary Teachers

Enhancing ELEMENTARY Teachers' DLE Toolkit

Dual Language instruction requires pedagogy that differs from monolingual instruction. This professional learning and networking opportunity is designed to specifically meet the unique professional development needs of teachers working in Dual Language programs. Together, we will create a professional learning community to enhance our use of strategies unique to Dual Language through research, practice, and peer-coaching. Participants will collaborate to complete a peer-coaching cycle (learning, independent practice, group share, and debrief) on strategies chosen by participants.  Strategies may include cross language transfer strategies such as "The Bridge," "Así se dice," or "Dictado," and/or oracy strategies such as "Academic Conversations" or "Visible Thinking Routines."  These seven 90-minute sessions, facilitated by Elissa Washburn, will be held virtually on the second Tuesday of the month after school from 4-5:30pmOctober 11, 2022, November 8, 2022, December 13, 2022, January 10, 2023, February 14, 2023, March 14, and 2023, April 11, 2023.

Dual Language Middle School Teachers


This professional learning and networking opportunity is designed to specifically meet the needs of dual language middle school teachers in existing or emerging Dual Language Programs. We will focus on foundational texts, such as Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages by Beeman and Urow, Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, 3rd edition, Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk That Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings by Zwiers and Crawford, Hands Down, Speak Out: Listening and Talking across Literacy and Math by Wedekind and Thompson and Translanguaging with Multilingual Students by García and Kleyn in developing a biliteracy framework. We will be digging deep into the goals of dual language education by exploring the strategies of oracy, the Bridge, bridging and translanguaging, with particular focus on application and best practices in the middle school grades. There will be allocated time for small group collaboration on chosen topics. Together we will co-create a toolbox of Dual Language strategies ready to implement in our middle school classrooms. These seven 90-minute sessions, facilitated by Vionette Matos, will be held virtually on Thursdays after school from 3:30 -5:00pmOctober 20, 2022, November 17, 2022, December 8, 2022, January 12, 2023, February 9, 2023, March 16, 2023, and April 6, 2023.

Dual Language Coaches

Enhancing Coaching Techniques

Many Dual Language teachers begin their careers with great enthusiasm but are left wondering what makes Dual Language instruction different from "good instruction."  Coaching teachers can help teachers deepen their understanding of Dual Language Pedagogy, feel more confident and successful in their classrooms, and more consistently incorporate specific best practices in their daily instruction.  This professional learning and networking opportunity is designed for Dual Language coaches who serve as mentors for their colleagues.  This year coaches will meet for two cycles, each cycle focusing on developing a different area of a Dual Language Coach's toolbox.  Each session will begin with a spotlight on practice – hear about how other districts approach Dual Language Coaching or use a listening and role-play protocol for helping a Dual Language Coach in our Network think through coaching challenges.  We will then add specific coaching moves to our coaching tool box.  The first cycle will focus on Observation and Feedback coaching moves.  The area of coaching tools for the second cycle will be determined by coaching member feedback. These seven 90-minute sessions, facilitated by Amy Finsmith, will be held virtually on Tuesdays after school from 4-5:30pm: October 11, 2022, October 25, 2022,  November 15, 2022, December 6, 2022, February 7, 2023, February 28, 2023, and March 21, 2023. 

Dual Language Special Educators

Multilingual Learners: Assessment Considerations for Pre-Referral and Referral Process for Special Education Determination Eligibility

This online course is designed to inform special education teams [educators, specialists, and administrators] who have concerns about the progress of multilingual learners and suspect there might be a disability. Considerations and strategies will be shared about involving families in the pre-referral and referral process. This course integrates curated federal/state laws and policies, research, and protocols to examine the intersections between special education and bilingual/dual language education during the referral process. The series will focus on the assessment practices in the pre-referral and referral process and include a review of the Key Points related to assessment in the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education. These seven 90-minute sessions, facilitated by Dr. Leila Rosa and Dr. Rachel Toncelli, will be held virtually on second Wednesday of the month after school from 4-5:30pm: October 12, 2022, November 9, 2022, January 11, 2023, February 8, 2023, March 8, 2023, April 12, 2023, and May 10, 2023.

Social Justice Series for MABE Members ONLY


NOTE: Registration is required.  There is no cost to members.

Join us in exploring the third pillar of Dual Language Education, sociocultural competence.  What is it?  How is it different from biculturalism?  How does it relate to social justice?  And how do we ensure that it’s part of our teaching? These four 90-minute sessions, facilitated by Dr. Aradhana Mudambi, will be held virtually on Wednesdays after school from 4-5:30pm: November 16, 2022, January 18, 2023, and February 15, 2023 (Session #4 TBD).



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